Moving from J-trader to Strategy Runner ?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Futures_Man, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. No just get the old version of the Tradestation software, forget the $99.00 a month. Look on Ebay.

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  2. jojodaru


    ElectricSavant what version of Tradestation should we look for on Ebay ?
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  3. lakka


    On my system Strategy runners lags abit compared to IB.

    BTW, I use SierraChart to create automated orders in IB
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  4. josbarr


    The development kit is available It includes the Strategy Runner API for developing strategies and the Strategy Tuner for back-testing and analysing strategies. The price is $3000, including data for 2 contracts.
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  5. Understand, I am not condoning software piracy, and I really do not know which version is best. Perhaps another person here might know a little more than I.

    I had investigated this possibility as you are, but I never actually did it. So I do not have first hand knowledge, I just know its possible.

    Good luck and good trading.

    Michael B.

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  6. josbarr


    It Seemlessly integrates into TradeStation 8, 7, & 2000i and works with ANY strategy or system. No modifications are necessary.
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  7. Aside from strategy runner, I know TradeBold and eFloorTrader. eFloorTrader was the easiest to integrate with which is the reason I went with them.
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  8. I used the complete packet of trading decisions of Strategy Runner: full automation of trading procedures, back-testing and optimization of trading strategies. I see it as qualitative and flexibile system. The problem is: what introducing broker may be cheaper with them? Can somebody give me a practical advise?
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  10. Also try Mann Futures... (800)827-2763
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