Moving from J-trader to Strategy Runner ?

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  1. I have been trading futures for awhile now (10 years) and developed some trading system that I am happy with. I am trading for the last couple of years the eminiS&P500 and NQ. I use eSignal for my charting and J-trade has my trading platform. My broker is telling me to try out Strategy Runner, he told me they have trading systems automation. Does anybody have experience with this product?
  2. 2nd best... maybe. search around, there are better products available.
  3. what product do you know that can be used to automate my system?
  4. to automate a mechanical system in esignal, then here is an alternative...

    Might be worth a look.

  5. One of the unique benefits that Strategy Runner offers is that you signals are generated and held on their servers. So if you crash you will still be executed.

    Michael B.
  6. If I use Strategy runner, learn c++ to program my strategies to automate my futures, how much does it cost. Their charge is not detailed in their site. Thanks
  7. You got to tell them your system and they will sign a non disclosure agreement. According to the the complexity of your system and their workload it could cost from $250.00 and up.


    You can buy their developers kit for 3-6k can't remember.

    Michael B.

  8. Hi all.

    I currently have a charting package , an execution platform, and would like to get a backtesting software and write an automated system. Been looking at tradebolt, strategy runner, and other add-on to IB's TWS.

    Would'nt Tradestation encapsulate all the above in a nice package-execution, charting, automation, backtesting? What is the catch-other than the commish which is a little on the high side. Thanks .
  9. Well, If Tradestation is pricey, get your hands on their software then use Tradebolt to connect Tradestation to J-Trader. I understand this is a very fast combination.

    Michael B.

  10. Let me get this straight, open a TS account which is not meant for trading in order to get TS for $99, use Tradebolt to port TS signals onto a cheaper broker such as IB? hmmm....
    very interesting.

    Thanks again.
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