Moving from Equities to FX

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by JoeTitzer, Feb 15, 2004.

  1. I have been trading stocks (day/swing) successfully for about 4 years now and am interested in opening an account to trade FX. I'm familier with the Rediplus and Hammer Platforms, first with On-site and currently with Assent (remote). I have looked at Refco and IB. Are there any others I should look at? While I am interested in low commissions... ease of use is also important. I plan to fund the account with just a few $k's and use it to learn the market and to test a "system" I am developing.

    Thxs in advance, Joe
  2. my friend is a huge raving fan of tradestation.
  3. Miki


    Try - no commissions and 2 pip spread on EUR/USD.

    Ideal for learning.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion... interesting site.

    Tradestation is a platform I may graduate to one day... when/if I chose to consolidate accounts. Right now it is a little more than I need and would just as soon avoid additional monthly service/data fees. I'm leaning towards Refco just because it looks easy to set up an account and get started with a few trades... very limited initial committment of funds/time/ etc.
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    Tradestation pushes their cash FX thru RJ Obrien .... the RJO platform is about as simple as it gets although I dont like how the calc profit and loss ......... its too complicated 2 get into in 1 post suffice 2 say that on the "Cash Side" its a bit confusing. If ur looking 2 do FX Futures there is no better then Tradestation.