moving from chi to ny, no job lined up; where to look?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by directionless, May 22, 2010.

  1. I have to move east (no choice), but have no job lined up. I worked as a quant/strategist and programmer, but now I have to look for a job again. Can someone point me to the best places to apply?

    I have not been following the job market for some time, but the recruiters are so full of crap and I cannot tell which place is any good, and everyone tries to stay secret. I do not want to spend 5 hours a day taking math and brainbench/knowledge tests for sh1++y places, and want to get a good/bad list up front.

    Bad places:
    - Business guy running tech
    - Tech guys, no business sense
    - Too quanty, but make no $
    - Too little quanty, think everything is solved by OLS and averages
    - Too programmery, worried about C++ standard, but not smart enough to know all features are not always good
    - Too little programmery, everything is spaghetti code shi+
    - High turnover
    - Too cliquish
    - Think C++ on resume = infrastructure all day, no trading
    - More salary, less bonus [prefer low salary, bonus direct % of pnl]
    - Almost all banks
    - Think HFT can be "bought" with all off-the-shelf stuff
    - So LFT they have time to appear on CNBC and talk about macro-econ

    Willing to work outside trading if I must to avoid above, but would like suggestions.

  2. Consider self-employment so that you don't have to tolerate other people's B.S. :cool: