Moving Forward Into April & Job Report

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  1. Looking ahead, and after watching the market for the past 12 years, I can say with some certainty that this weeks jobs report will be better than expected as analysts have lower the bar so low that its easy to hop over. They do this with earnings forecasts the get to bullish and companies miss, then they get to bearish and they beat.

    This weeks job report will be the driving force to break the neckline on the inverse head and should pattern that has taken shape on the daily chart of the SP500.

    Yesterdays pullback was a great buying opportunity. I bought some WFC yesterday @ $14.02 and some DIA @ $75.80 Most bank stocks also have nice H&S patterns.

    Happy Trading!
  2. The economic data will start to improve. The jobs numbers Friday will be better than expected, just watch.

    BUY THE DIPS! MAKE $$$$$$$$
  3. Add more to my WFC position this morning. Average cost 13.97.
  4. Daily WFC line chart.
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  5. Looking good, we got alot of room to run for sure. Will take some profit near SP500 934
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  6. This bull market can't be stopped, plain and simple. Just keep buying all the dips. 14,000 here we come.
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  8. wfc is great to day trade, it's trend is so predictable...of course for the last month at least.

  9. No reason to be nervous about the Jobs report, trust your government. It’s now rigged to the upside. Most economic data will be better than expected. Earnings can now be fudged with the easy in M2M rules.

    So play it from the long side, buy the dips and make $$$$$$$
  10. In line jobs report, let’s spin in positive. It could have been a lot worse.

    We have a rising 20 period moving average on the Dow. It's also now above it's 50 period moving average, and curling upwards.

    I see this as slightly bullish and will buy pull backs to the averages.
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