Moving business away from CME/CBOT to Asia. Looking for execution / clearing in HK

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  1. Gentlemen,

    we have seen enough of US manipulative attempts this year and are moving significant volume away from CME/CBOT to Asian markets. We have watched this for more than 1 1/2 years and there is no change in sight from regaultory authorities or from the legal side. Enough is enough. Some will comment their usual "adapt or die" phrases. But it´s simply to send a strong message to regulators, exchanges and brokers in the US.

    And if I say signifcant, I mean several hundred thousand contratcs per month. And yes, several f our US based brokers will be pi...ed off. That´s the message of our move. :cool:

    We are checking broker channels in Asia - especially in Hong Kong.

    We are accepting bids also from Tokyo based companies.

    US brokers : please refrain from contacting us. No chance to do business with us anymore.

    HSBC seems to be one of our candidates in Asia :

    or ABN Amro AsiaFutures Ltd. Hong Kong

    Everybody else from Asia bidding for our business: welcome.

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    What are you talking about? Who is this "we"?
  3. in the US

    if a goldman sachs official gov't person or SEC or FED official does insider information it's not investigated.

    if common two retail piker trader or investor like martha stewar does inside info they go to prison. and get criminal record

    if the market makers and brokers like goldman sachs and fed manipulate markets it's call game or their business model..50% of the ir profit is rigging the game. it's game or casino to them.....

    the market is very thin now and these big boys like goldman can move markets easily they have lots cash on the line of credit with the FED...and have no margins..they have UNLIMITED buying power...why do think the banks and goldman sachs wanted bank status. and with short term interest at 0% it's free money to manipulated markets.

  4. the nyse,cme used to be non-profit exhanges and owned and ruled made by brokers of the exchange up til the late 90's as for the nasdaq it's free for all no rules exchange since the 70's...

    since the nyse, cme is now a for profit exchange,,the rules are reduced and now it's like the nasdaq with no rules...the goal of the NYSE and CME is now to create PROFIT not a fair orderly marketplace. the exchange now do wha their biggest customer wants...of course small participants get the low end of the deal...

    in japan their exchange are still non-profit and rules of the exchange are more strict. so each exchange isn't the same.

    the exchange has abandon what it is suppose to be not a casino or rigged game or not a fair marketplace anymore.

    today the NYSE or CME or many of the exchanges is about making money even it's detrimental or unfair for some market participants.

    the exchange is a business now or private business that serves the interest of shareholders or stakeholders not the brokers/members or traders like before.

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    Gl Asus,

    I'll work for rent and 1 meal a day in Hong Kong. Plus 1 beer sir. Place to be. Anyway Good luck with the transition. Hope a broker gives you a great offer soon, hopefully they aren't slow and want the business . :)
  6. way to send a strong message to the regulators and exchanges sir!! i'm sure they're quaking in their boots.