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  1. I was wondering what everyone's take is on the use of moving averages in a 5 minute charting environment. Im not sure what averages would work best in this time-period, and I was just curious to see if anyone had any opinions or knew of any books that could help with this proble. Thanks in advance

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    Moving averages are more helpful on longer time frames;
    less slippage, less commissioms,less noise less fake moves.

    Better books include Jack Schwager, Joshua Lukeman, Dr.Van Tharp,
    Price Headly, Mark Ritchie ;

    William O Neil, /we like 50 day moving average.

    Wisdom is the principal thing.
  3. MAs work on all time frames ... just find the best one(s) for what you want to trade and how you want to trade.

    Try 3 mins or 5 mins for currencies and us index futures. Find out what ma the price seems to respect ... 8, 20, 50 etc are good numbers to experiment with but you need to decide not me.
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    Also look into lagging factor.
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    The only moving averages I consider are 50 Day and 200 Day.

    For short term trading, suggest using price pattern and skip MAs altogether.
  6. I knew a trader trading something called the "Rope" ...

    Try to find out more about that....
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    MAs are just another tool in the tool box. Use it accordingly with other tools and you will be rewarded.

    Happy trading :)