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    What would you guys say is the most significant tell-sign-use given by moving averages?

    Personally I use them mostly in combination, for example, I constantly have the 30/50, and 200/455 MA's up. The 30 & 50 have what I consider a significant correlation and the same with the 200 & 455. This post isn't too extensive, but still, I'd like to hear how others use them and what you think of the relationships between those two sets of MA's I just mentioned.

    side note: the indices have now crossed the 455 day MA, which itself looks like it about to intersect with the 200.
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    instead of multiples MA on 1 chart

    why don't you try 1 or 2 MAs on multiple charts?

    Minutes may be ok but try RANGE charts, Tick Chart
    Keep daily chart not too far too.

    All depends on time frame and kind of trading you do.

    Good trading
  3. I only use MA to confirm a trend. I use 20/50 on intraday chart. 20/50/200 on daily.
  4. why do you prefer those numbers to the industry standard 20/50/(100)/200?
  5. ==============

    50 comes before 200;
    but as Alan Farley writes clearly on this one,
    bears live below the 200 dma, bulls live above 200 dma:cool:
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    Why do i use the 30/50 and 200/455?

    I use thse combinations of MA's because they move (e.g. they intersect) in ways that confirm short and large trends (depending on your combination). For example, the 200/455 has intersected twice since 1993. These two times were in 2001 confirming the mini-recession and in mid-2003 confirming the recovering uptrend from that mini-recession. These two moving averages look like they're about to intersect for the third time since 1993, which according to my theory, would mean we're about to receive a strong confirmation of this new "recession."

    I use up to three others at a time, all in all I can have a total of eight MA's up. I'll get back with the other's if you're interested. I have a pretty intersting technical analysis using the MA's concerning recent action on the SPY.