Moving Averages and trading Forex (crossovers etc.)

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  1. what MA's for you use for MA crossover trades when trading Forex?...per what time frame?

    or...what MA's do you look at alone (1 MA at a time) per time frame...

    just trying to see what the crossing MA' combinations there are out there for various timeframes...

    Note: yes, I know there are no perfect indicators...just interested
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    I don't think you got what it takes

    after 2 years a man gives up MAs, its been 2 years for you and you still blow smoke up MAs ass

    you might fall under category of those people who never learn
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  4. I find MA crossovers to be useless considering how far they lag. However I do prefer to use MA's for S/R and also as a stop loss.
  5. 50 and 200 day, not to trade off but to be aware of, it's a cross which the market pays attention to.
  6. I use the same ones, and for the exact same reason!
  7. Great minds think alike......!
  8. If the market is Fractal, none of this matters!!
  9. huh?:confused:
  10. Increase:
    This is a good counter-point. In addition to your interest in indicators, you should read about fractals and randomness in markets. If MA's work for you,then great. It just helps to have a view from the other side, so you won't feel terrible when your stochastics (or whatever indic.) keep you in a losing trade!
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