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  1. What can i do to make them more effective? I think they are lagging to mutsh, ore are there any better strategy to trade the S&P 500 minis?

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    Using a simple moving average to remove the noise from your data is like using a meat grinder to remove the fat from your steak. :D

    Median filters have less variance for the same amount of lag. :cool:
  3. I use EMA where can i find more information about the one yuo mentioned?

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  5. Thank you, but it is little boring to calculate by hand, i use strategy runner and i dont think this indicator is in this platform.

  6. Stop using indicators. Let you mind image the line on the screen. Traders use MA's because they are lazy. MA's are worthless.

    Spend your time studying something like "Market Profile".

  7. May I ask what MAs you are using and how you are using them in the first place, and on what charts? Time based I gather (not tick or Vol)? What setting?

    Most important question is how you are using MAs in your trading.

    Are you using some Strategy Runner Crossover Strategy?
  8. Sweetlettuce.

    I think the profile changing al the time and i have i hard time catching up whit it. Do you know i better strategy and to use EMA? and how do you use market profile?

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    I use EMA have experimented whit different time and diferent length i think is difficult to come under 15 min and i try not to long 5 and 10 and yes i trying a crossover strategy

  10. Try using them as:

    Trend indicator: up, down, sideways

    Support/Resistance: if your trading instrument has shown that it uses xx moving average as support/resistance in the near past, then it may again in the near future.
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