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    I am looking for a software program where I can query particular stocks breaking out of various moving averages. Does Any know of such software?

  2. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

    I believe Trade Ideas can do that.
  3. Amibrokers auto-analysis scan function with the appropriate formula can do that....

    and of course, Trade Ieas....
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    Just about every platform does it, but your wasting you time using MA's.
  6. no he isn't
  7. Yeah, your right. He is easting his time. Hell MA's havnt helped me make any money in the entire time I have traded...


    More gobledy gook from the disenchanted...

    Enjoy MA's they are wonderful and simplistic indicators....

    I pick off profits every day with their assistance...
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    Please explain how Ma's are useful? Determing the trend?
    Price is the only indicator that is valuable. Then again I guess Ma's are good for those who can't comprehend that.

    The problem with ma's are they can be misconstrued by gaps or abnormal reactions or bad prints.

    This is why IMHO ma's are secondary tools at best. If you can't determine a trend by looking at price action then one is going to be vulnerable to being owned by the markets.

    I know many Institutions use MA's, but when it comes down to it price action is all that matters. (MA's are calculated off of price)

    But, then all they have to do is not get killed to keep their job.

    Lagitamit question I think along with providing my perspective, but I am open to other opinions for all strategies have flaws and there is no solid holy grail.
  9. You are correct in your observation that price is king.

    You are also correct in stating that gaps/sudden moves/wide range bars etc. can render moving averages ineffective.

    The key then is to use price, without the factor of time, and to account for all market movements, regardless of whether they are made during RTH or not.

    Enjoyed the discussion.

    Good trading,

    Jimmy Jam
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    Would'nt say I am disenchanted. I would say maybe at this point I am sufficient enough not to need them. Like I said MA's are nothing more than an average of price movement.

    Maybe at my stage in trading I find them useless for what a calculation can show you a ma I can see withou it.

    Besides the fact you can't tell me that moving averages alone have'nt failed you in trading. MA's dont predict they only give a base consenses.

    A base consenses does'nt give you continuous profit the truith does. The is no false reading in price. It is what it is.

    If price reverses it takes a MA x amount of periods to confirm that, leaving it a lagging indicator.
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