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  1. Does anyone use just moving average crossovers to trade ES.

    I backtested a system on intraday 5min chart that went long when an exponential moving average of 10 was greater that one of 200 and vice a versa.

    Over over 13 months it pulled in a profit of 350 points after slippage.

    there where 240 trades and the maximum account drawdown was 20.80points.

    simple but profitable?
  2. hey watson what happened to shortboy?
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  6. The only too good a thing about it is the drawdown. Looks too low to me, perhaps you should test it again on a larger sample, say 2-3 years of data to get a better idea of how the system really performs. However, I do agree that MAs systems can be profitable, except that because of their simplicity they can also have significantly bigger drawdowns than more complex systems that employ various filters.
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    MA systems only seem to work for me when I am there all day babysitting the trades because one needs to put in a strategy for the exits that works better than the next cross of the MA.:confused:
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    That's simple?
  9. If I got it right, the system is not profitable in the long run...
  10. Agreed.
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