Moving Average Values Listed Anywhere?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by davez, Nov 7, 2002.

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    Does anyone know of any (freebie) websites that list values of various moving averages (exponential and simple) for a stock?

    I'm getting conflicting values when I guestimate from the TC2000 curves (which don't provide the actual number) and compare these to values available in And in the freebie version of stockcharts, one can only see two MA's listed at a time.

    I'm hoping there are websites where I can see values for EMA's (10, 20, 50 200) and SMA's (20, 50 200), all nicely listed. And then see if they match!

    The calculation for an SMA is simple, so I don't expect to see conflicting values for them. But I'm beginning to suspect there are different ways being used to calculate EMA's.

    I do incidentally use intraday trading software which lists MA values, but would like to cross check this with other sources.

    It's nice to see that accurately knowing where the 200 SMA is is becoming important :)

    Thanks in advance
  2. you could make tc2000 produce the actual numbers. just make a PCF for each moving average. then sort the list on the left by the PCF you want. it will list the value of the calculation.

    simple moving averages are easy. all you need is "AVGC20" for a 20sma. you can also do exponential, but it's a bit harder. let me know if you want to do exponential calculations.
  3. davez


    Thanks for the response Gordon. If you have a PCF handy for EMA's in TC2000 that would be appreciated. I recently received a reply from TC2000 saying:

    " This is the exact formula used to calculate an exponential moving average in TC2000 and in TCNet:
    Exponential Average
    average = first price
    K = 2/(period+1)
    for each price after #1
    average = ((price - average) * K ) + average"

    But I haven't tried PCFing it yet

    To be honest, I'm questioning the MA plots in TC2000 at the moment. Some of them move, depending on the zoom, and that doesn't seem right. For example, in zoom 6 the 200 ema might touch the top of a particular candle, then in zoom 3 it crosses the middle of the same candle. Not good. That is actually what triggered my original question
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    One place you might want to try is I know they have alot of technical data by stock.

  5. regough


    One place you might want to try is I know they have alot of technical data by stock.

  6. davez


    Thanks Bob,

    Barcharts does list key EMA's. Interesting though, that in their description they point out how they calculate their EMA's, and how others do it differently.

    Maybe that explains why so many people use SMA's vs EMA's. Although SMA's are less responsive to changes, at least everyone should be calculating them the same way, and are therefore looking at the same number.

  7. i found this on the internet a while ago. this is how i calculate exponential mas in tc2000. these instructions might seem a little confusing, but it works perfect. the following is for a 21ema, but you could use this information to calculate any ema (you'd have to make some adjustments). if you have trouble, let me's easy for me.

    From the Personal Criteria Formulas window,
    . Click: Create New
    . Name: #0 21-day EMA
    . Click inside Editing formula for … window
    . Copy and Paste formula into the Editing formula for … window:
    . . Test: the result is the 21-day exponential percentage (ep) or 0.09
    . Highlight and clear Editing formula for … window.
    . Copy and Paste formula into the Editing formula for … window:
    . . Test: the result is ep1 or 0.91

    Next: Writing the 21-day EMA PCF

    Writing the 21-day EMA PCF

    For the 21-period EMA, copy the following
    formula to a word processor:

    *ep1+C20*ep) *ep1+C19*ep) *ep1+C18*ep)
    *ep1+C17*ep) *ep1+C16*ep) *ep1+C15*ep)
    *ep1+C14*ep) *ep1+C13*ep) *ep1+C12*ep)
    *ep1+C11*ep) *ep1+C10*ep) *ep1+C9*ep)
    *ep1+C8*ep) *ep1+C7*ep) *ep1+C6*ep)
    *ep1+C5*ep) *ep1+C4*ep) *ep1+C3*ep)
    *ep1+C2*ep) *ep1+C1*ep) *ep1+C*ep)

    Replace: ep with 0.09 or the result of ep
    Replace: ep1 with 0.91 or the result of ep1

    Count the number of “)” or right parens after
    each item in the list. The number of right
    parens must equal the number of “(“ or left
    parens in the top line.

    Remove ALL spaces and line returns from the formula.

    Highlight and clear Editing formula for … window.
    Copy the spaceless formula to the Editing formula
    for … window.
    If a Syntax Error occurs,
    . be sure the number of left parens equals the number of right parens.
    Calculate For: All Stocks
    Update All Criteria.