Moving Average or Linear Regression?

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  1. Does anybody has experience working with these smoothing techniques, that could point any advantages or disadvantages of using MA's or LR's for:

    a) trend direction measurement

    b) mean reversion measurement

    LR's for the same period seem to be more prone to whipsaws, ence better for the measurement of mean reversion patterns?
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    Both are lagging indicators.


    Cubic Spline Interpolation is a leading predictor
  4. How is it leading, Maestro?

    I don't know too much about splines, except that they're apparently 4th degree polynomials that fit data?
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    No, you can use cubic (3rd degree) splines.

    I assume MAESTRO meant cubic spline smoother, because cubic spline interpolation fits every point, and so it models noise right along with signal. :eek:

    But there's a problem even with the smoother: the endpoints are fitted, so you don't get smoothing on the most recent point, which is where you (a trader, not an econometrician) need it the most, usually. :(
  6. I prefer a first order infinite impulse response filter myself (better known as an alpha filter to the unwashed), but then again I am infinitely impulsive. However, I cheerfully defer to the artist formerly known as Abogdan. He is the smartest mathematician here. I had a girlfriend once who had a cubic spline. She fit very nicely.
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    I once tried to do this with company earnings/sales, and because it was non-linear, I got weird numbers, for example, it would go


    Or something like that. It fit the existing data points fine but extrapolating was almost impossible. In the end, I just sucked it up and went back to y=mx+c

  8. 1. LR's slope is a lagging indicator
    2. MA by itself is also a lagging indicator

    Thus, using #1 or #2 your trend identificatoin will be lagging.

    For mean reversion, the more important element is breach of extremes - you've come up with 2 mid points, what about the offset from the midpoints?

    In my opinion thats more important.

    Take a look at a scalping system I posted,

    The setup is simple but it continue to work year after year. And the interesting point is, it depends on the limited time a trend has on its continuation at the extremes.
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  9. Oh, give it up. ALL estimators lag. The market can change direction faster than a woman can change her mind.
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    "Do not buy any moving average based system!" -- abogdan

    :D :D :D
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