Moving all cash from IB to Alaron Trading

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  1. What's their margin on ES?
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    I use to work their and still have an account with them, good firm. I really like CQG Trader. I enjoy being able to use CQG and AlaronOnline (Ran Order) at the same time. CQG for electronics and Ran for pit and as a backup.

    IB is also good for those who want to trade across multiple asset classes. I trade with both firms.

    Intraday margins are $500 for the ES at Alaron.
  3. Alaron is a great firm, myminitrading.

    I know a number of good people who work for them. Good move on your part, you won't be disappointed.
  4. I clicked on the link you provided. It gives no information about commissions. I couldn't find any such info on the website. I did find a "name your rate" form for prospective customers to complete, in which they must reveal their name, address, email address, daytime phone number, etc., the commission they are currently paying, the commission they wish to pay in the future, and also their monthly trading volume. The person enquiring must then wait for a response.

    "So how much did you want to spend?" I would hesitate to trade through a broker who operates like a car dealership.

  5. I just called the 1-800 number 1-800-275-8844.
  6. All electronic index futures $500.00 per contract.

  7. I was running CQG trader, and IB trade ladder side by side during the release of Fed minutes, CQG never lagged, IB froze just a for a second or two, not saying CQG trader is perfect, But I am very impressed so far.

    I use DTN ProphetX for charting, it is spot on with CQG trader dont think anyone on ET uses them. Thats a big plus for me,everyone uses esignal or quotetracker, Qcharts.
  8. Alaron Trading I have used, actually left a review. It's nice to see commissions from Alaron finally dropping.

    Definately a good place to be, nice move. Will return once I get back into futures trading.
  9. This is outdated for this thread, but thought I'd post this nonetheless.

    Here are alaron's rates per Paul Brittain headof the Las Vegas Branch, from an e-mail dated 0ct 13, 2007

    Commission Rates

    Commission rates are based upon the level of service that you choose. All rates are “ballpark” figures are open to change (lower), in other words, we can talk about it if you feel that you need a special rate other than these figures.

    Commissions Charged by Alaron Trading Las Vegas;

    Broker Assisted $20 to $35 per round turn* Discount/Online $19.99* to $10 (open outcry)
    and down to $5.00 per round turn for emini’s

    *Plus applicable exchange & nfa fee’s

    If you’d like to discuss rates further please call me.

    Paul Brittain


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