Moving? 14 Countries With NO Income Tax

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    Monaco has no income tax
    Kuwait has no income tax
    Bermuda has no income tax
    U.A.E. (United Arab Emerites) has no income tax
    Andorra has no income tax
    British Virgin Islands have no income tax
    Qatar has no income tax
    The Bahamas have no income tax
    Oman has no income tax
    Cayman Islands have no income tax
    Anguilla has no income tax
    Maldives have no income tax
    Turks and Caicos have no income tax
    Vanuatu has no income tax
  2. Republican patriotism.
  3. The patriots are growing weary of working just so the lazy and stupid can get our money.
  4. Also to add;

    Switzerland- You can negotiate a lump-sum taxation with the Swiss tax authorities if you move there. The federal and most cantonal tax legislations provide an option to request to be taxed based on estimated living expenses rather than on actual income and net wealth.

    Singapore & Hong Kong- ZERO capital gains tax. Tax-exempt on all foreign-source income.
  5. Amazing, isn't it... how the parasites voted for "more Communism" for themselves at the expense of the rest of us?

    Is THAT what made America a once great country??
  6. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Keep in mind, however, that you would need to renounce your US citizenship, as the US is the only country in the world that requires you to report income regardless of where in the world you are when you earn it.

    There are ways to get around this if you have dual citizenship, however.
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    what about all the lefties who said they would move if Bush won. Were they patriots?
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    Patriots are free to chart their own course.

    This is just a starting point for those with the means to take advantage of tax free havens. i.e. Certain Facebook founders.
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    You just don't want to have to get a job.
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    many people love it including me.:) I rather save on taxes and donate more to orphanages and old folks home to the real needy people.
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