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  1. I've added a list of trading related movies to the reading section of our web page. Hey if you turn the closed captioning on you can read the screen right!??! :) These are all great flicks, with the exception of Wall Street 2

    Here is the link.

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    >Was that Eddie Murphy movie "Trading Spaces" on TBS again this weekend???
  2. Good list of movies. but a toni turner book?!


    I would add "Trillion dollar bet" to the list.
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  4. The reason there are no movie about trading is because it would be SO BORING to watch.

    I would not pay 8.00 to see some trader sit on his ass for 7hrs staring at bunch of monitors. Hollywood would have to sacrifice the reality of trading for entertainment purposes. Most likely they'd portray us as people who make 50,000 a day, driving around in Ferraris, playing golf.

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    you know, I have been thinking for years about writing a screenplay or a book loosly based on my time at schonfeld and wordlco in the hay day. Then again if I could sit down and write a book I probobly would't have been there.
  6. A movie script?... cool
  7. I thought about opening a trading room in San Diego with topless women explaining how to work the software etc.

  8. There used to be a TV show up here in Canada called "Traders". It was about a trading floor. Didn't do so well and was cut after a few seasons.

    I remember when I was trading on a floor instead of at home, the manager of the place I was working at got a call from the TV show and they asked if they could film there...
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