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    Quick reviews of movies in here (mostly streamed on Netflix). I'm a movie guy, enjoy mostly psych thriller, action, sci-fi.

    Let us know what you liked, loved and hated so we can skip to the good stuff!!
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    with Dwayne Johnson. Amazing movie. I'm thinking The Rock? C'mon.. Nope! He was great in this ultra-realistic, gritty drug movie.

    Jack Reacher with Tom Cruise. Well done. Another realistic crime thriller. Really enjoyed it.

    The Counsellor with Brad Pitt and Cameron Diaz. Another drug cartel-inspired crime drama. Well done. Gritty, dark and well produced.

    Salt with Angelina Jolie. Not a Jolie fan but this movie was really great. Very well done action/spy movie. If you like high-powered Washington DC political action movies with nukes and all, this was a great one.

    Olympus Has Fallen with Gerard Butler. Well done political-action. Really a fun watch. Big time shoot em up.

    World War Z with Brad Pitt. Zombie movie. Great. Really well done. Definitely worth a watch for something scary and believable.

    Runner Runner with Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake. Cool internet gambling movie. Lots of parrarells with trading. Well-produced and visually fun to watch.

    Prometheus (sci-fi). If you loved Ridley Scotts Alien, just go watch it. Amazing movie. Extremely well done and compelling.

    A Walk Among Tombstones with Liam Neeson. Another gritty, realistic serial killer flick. Good quality. Really enjoyed it.

    Gone Girl with Ben Affleck. Worth a watch. Wasn't captivated. Nice cinematography and catchy visuals. Director had a crisp, sharp eye.

    21 Jump Street with Tatum Channing. Funny. Lots of laughs.

    Nightcrawler with Gyllenhaal - Decent. Enjoyed it. More dark, realistic grit.

    Killer Elite with Statham and Deniro. Meh. Can't say this international spy thriller was compelling. Fell flat.

    Wolf of Wallstreet. It'll go down as a classic, but it was mostly sex and drugs. Not heady at all, like the original Wallstreet.

    The Factory with John Cusak. Skip it. Cheesy serial killer flick. Lacked realism imo.
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    Michael Clayton with George Clooney. I have to admit, I enjoy watching Clooney. Without sounding too gay, he's fun to watch (lol). Has a great on-screen presence. Anyway, this film casts him in one of his best roles - high powered businessman/attorney. Realism is the hallmark of every great movie, and Clooney does a great job at making a film believable. Enjoyed this one.

    Moneyball with Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill. Another great one. Lots of parallels between this movie and trading. Statistical and quant analysis meets MLB. Great movie.

    Margin Call with Kevin Spacey and Jeremy Irons. Just watched this 2008-crash redo flick again. Well done. Worth a watch if you want to relive it a bit.

    Appaloosa with Ed Harris and Vigo Mortinson. I really enjoy a good Western, and these male leads are solid guys, fun to watch. But honestly, this movie lacked. It wasn't the acting. It was the plot. Just a bit of stretch. Love story run amok, imo.

    3:10 to Yuma with Russell Crowe. On the otherhand, this redo was an awesome Western. Really enjoyed this. Pure grit, great acting. Russell Crowe shines as usual. One of my favorite actors.

    Shooter with Mark Wahlberg. An oldie but a goodie. If you're a conspiracy theorist like me, this movie is all aces. Great movie, well produced, sick plot, and great acting. Wahlberg is one of my favorite actors. Stars in a lot of counter-culture thrillers that rattle the established orthodoxy.

    Bourne Legacy with Jermey Renner. Really impressed with this great actor and great action/spy flick. Super realistic. The entire Bourne series is a must watch, if haven't seen already.
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    Great thread!
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    Bad Boy Bubby - one of the most interesting films I have ever seen.
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    Care to share a little about it?

    The Conjuring (horror) - Rated R. Quite scary lol. The girl I'm dating really likes horror flicks. We watched a few so-so ones last week at the cottage. This was quite dark. Good, solid actors. Although I can't remember their names, thyre recognizable. Bad house in the woods with a past haunts a decent family. Scare factor 8/10
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    Bad Boy Bubby is an Aussie flick about a man child who has been kept inside his apartment his whole life by his mother (who he has an incestuous relationship with). She tells him he cannot go outside because there is poison gas outside and she puts on a gas mask every time she leaves the house. The first 20 minutes of the film is sort of hard to watch, but if you can get past that you get see Bubby break free of the apartment and go on an amazingly wild adventure.

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    wow. looks queezy. I'll have to check it out!
  9. Annabelle - Another horror flick that had some genuinely frightening scenes. I've watched a ton of horror movies going all the way back to the 70's, and some of the recent ones have really re-invigorated the genre...Another one that I thought really captured the newer vibe was Sinister with Ethan Hawke...
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