Movie: The Wolf of Wall Street

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  2. That looks INCREDIBLE! Love it, definitely a clear sign that the TOP IS IN ! Just the Wall Street signaled 1987 collapse, the WOLF will be remembered as a signal or post script to the 2013 CRASH

    Finally a cool movie about the game.

    Can't wait for the release.
  3. Looks like a comedy.
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    I read the book. I guess it will be fun but with no interesting "trading" material ( or any trading material for that matter ).

    Just the typical wall street excess movie. The guy arrives on Wall Street, becomes a millionaire in 2 years, start snorting blow waking up, doing illegal stuff... The masses will be pleased, much better than the real life of indian programmers doing HFT( They actually work and stare at computers all day while doing no coke, who wants to see that? ).
  5. lol
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    This cat was Huge at the time....circa -89' 92'. Google Stratton Oakmont.
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    One of my close friends and wedding party members was one of the first brokers at Stratton. He left before the place got really dicey and massive though. Saw the writing on the wall and left unscathed.

    He once showed me a video tape copy of the entire office at boxing ring cause two of the guys wanted to fight. So the office literally took it to a gym and they fucking fought it out...hahaha. I bet Belfort would pay dearly for that copy. :)

    The movie looks solid to me. Cant wait.
  8. LDC rarely makes a bad movie these days so I'll probably check it out.
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    Jonah Hill

    They probably dumbed it down for the masses, although I read the reviews of the books (yes, he wrote 2 of them) and they were outrageous...

    Quote from a review:

    " I am a trader in Chicago and was interested in his rise to fame. Instead, I read of his "exploits" and every urban myth about traders. He is a used car salesman NOT a trader. ""

    Another one:

    "The even split between 1-start and 5-star reviews is very telling - you'll either love it or hate it, there seems to be very few in between. In short, the book is an over the top, fast paced, recount of non-stop drug abuse, sex, money laundering schemes, and stock manipulation. About halfway through the book I had to go online to confirm that this is, in fact, a non-fiction work - it reads more like a thriller.

    If you're looking for stock market know-how, this is not the book that will teach you that, albeit the "chop stock" machinations on top of which Belfort built his empire are definitely an interesting historical artifact. Instead, this is a great tale of the lifestyle of the "rich and dysfunctional".

    If you suspend your sense of reality, it is actually a quiet engaging book. Albeit personally, I am still shell-shocked from the thought that Belfort has lived and survived through all this."
  10. I read the book years ago. There was a huge spotlight on the drugs in his life, but this trailer makes it out to be just about the money...

    I hope they didn't 'PG' the story too much...
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