Movie/Rap/Sports/CEO tax

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  1. Why not create a special Supertax.

    Any moviestar,rapper,football player,guys that throw balls in a hoop that earn more than 4 million a year get a 90% tax bracket over 4million

    CEOS a special 70% Golden parachute tax on parachutes more than 20 million.

    And CEOs earning more than 50 million a year 70% bracket above.
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  3. Fairtax would never work. 70% of our GDP is consumers buying and spending times at malls for "Shopertainment"

    23% salestax on goods and services and you will see a major economic collapse when "Shopertainment" goes out of style and Americans begin saving not spending.
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    Fair tax would only benefit those who actually pay taxes, not those who get money from the gov't w/o paying anything into it (the zombies).
  5. Are successful people less entitled to keep their money than you are? Rates like 70% and 90% are not taxation. That is theft.

  6. Fairtax is a great concept, but it doesn't seem to be able to get any traction. The organziation has been around since the late 1990's. I met one of the founders in 1999. They were well financed and very well organized. The guy I met thought they would have legislation through congress within five years. Nothing ever happened.

  7. Tax federal workers at 50%.
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    balance the budget in no time. :)
  9. Yeah and how about a noob trader tax. If you turn a 100k account into 1 million in 1 year, you get taxed 80%. Hows that sound noob_trad3r?