Movie Patrons Offended By Request To Turn Off Phones And Stop Talking

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  1. And since the crowd was largely minorities, of course a complaint was filed and the movie was fined a substantial amount by the state Human Rights Commission. So it is now a human right to be able to ruin the movie for normal people who don't want to listen to people loud-talking?

    Thankfully, the idiotic decision was overturned by a court. Wonder how much all the legal fees cost the movie theater?|topnews|text|Home
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    More fucking political correctness run amok.
  3. I seldom even go to the movies. Where i live, a certain demographic thinks it is perfectly acceptable to talk continually throughout the movie. Say anything to them and you have a fight or worse on your hands. Then of course there are the gang members hanging out and fighting in the car park when you leave.
  4. A few years ago I was at a junior high orchestra concert for my son and while they were playing a man answered his phone and proceeded to conduct business in a loud voice, everyone in the place could hear him. I've seen the same thing with my granddaughters dance recitals. I wonder how people can be so dense and inconsiderate, I really don't understand people.
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    Bad parents.
  6. If they are going to shout out of place, maybe they should stay home.
  7. The ubiquitous rude behavior* found in movie theaters is why I quit going. The food and show is much better on my big screen anyway.

    throwing food
    talking on phone/loud talking
    light pollution
    (my peeve) some asshole kicking my seat (gets me livid in a hurry)
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    lol a guy stabbed another guy in the neck with a meat thermometer here a couple of months ago for asking his girlfriend to end her phone conversation during the movie.

    I thought it was a west coast thing but I guess not.
  9. From your link

    Justices Randy J. Holland, Carolyn Berger and Jack B. Jacobs ruled the non-racial explanations for the announcement were reasonable and pointed to uncontested evidence that a week earlier Stewart had made the same announcement at a showin g of the movie "Halloween" to a largely teenage audience.

    So really AAA poster, this is show white teenagers in USA have really bad manners too in respect the art of the movie. So you say "minoritys" in your post? Some minority teenagers really are not so rude like you think.
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