movie "just go with it".

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  1. so the wife wants to go out for valentines day. we wanted some comedy so we went to see the movie "just go with it" because it looked funny. not good. there were some funny parts but overall it was sophomoric. you have the be a teenager to think most of it was funny. some of the juvenile attempts at humor were painful to watch. save your money.
  2. I saw a review today where the reviewer said the same thing, it wasn't good and not really funny at all.
  3. You can count on one hand the number of original and/or thoughtful movies that are mass released. Typically, they aren't going to have Adam Sandler or Vince Vaughn as top billing. (Note: the two best films by these two guys were low budget flicks that only hit it big after dvd release "Punch Drunk Love" and "Swingers").

    I do think that there are probably dozens of good independent films released, but nobody ever hears about them unless they go out of their way to find every movie released. Most of the time I'll find these movies a few years later channel surfing and wonder how the hell it had such little box office presence.
  4. Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller pollute the movies with one film after the next. They figure, the monies there so why not but I
    wouldn't even rent anything of theirs anymore. Real artists have day jobs.
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    Sandler just chruns out the crap, and worse yet, it's basically the same crap time after time. The guy uses the most low-brow toilet's just pathetic. The fact that the feakin' trailer shows a clip of him falling on a bridge and landing on his nuts.....are you kidding me? You're tempting me to go see your movie because someone gets hit in the nuts? How pathetic.

    Plus I have a pet peeve about movies that still use 'guy gets hit in the balls' as humor. That's not a funny situation. It's very serious. And you know there's many a jackass out there that has hit his buddy in the balls thinking it was harmless humor.
  6. This movie is really good!