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    Is there a easy way to find out the top movers of the day for the Nadaq, both up and down (at the end of the day)? Im looking for stocks that have more than a million shares traded. Also i dont want the top percentage movers but just the ones that are up or down the most dollar-wise. Is there a website somewhere that posts this info?
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    Thanks, but that doesnt have what i am looking for. The closest thing to what i have in mind was the "Largest Money Movers" report but that still doesnt give me what i am looking for because it only "lists the stocks that accounted for the most money changing hands on the exchange." That filters out most of the smaller companies. It also uses a 50 day avg volume. I want something thats makes the list based on the volume of the last trading session. Do you have any other suggestions?

    TC 2000 is probably what you are looking for I use it but making an exact filter is not that easy. You have to play around with the setting's untill it's right.
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    Thanks again, but do you have something that is free? :D
  5. I don't know of any other services besides the WSJ, IBD, and Baron's. If you find any other sites post them I am intrested to know what is out there.
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    Thanks again, but do you have something that is free? :D
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    Thanks Tuna!!!!!! You found EXACTLY what i was looking for. I've been doing this manually for the last two months and its extremely time consuming. I should have thought of posting this question much soon. Thanks again!!
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