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    What another poor day for active scalping locals, 2 good moves during the day, then just stuck in a 10/15 tick range, on no volume at all.

    71% of the volume was conducted in 20 minutes ( both during the movement periods).

    As soon as 5 pm ( GMT ) arrives the market just totally dies, and after such time is not even trading 20k contracts an hour. 4k contracts have traded in the last 45 minutes!!!!!!!!

    Total Dogshit market to try to actively scalp.

    My buddy has just been offered a deal at a prop shop as a "Trainee", and they expect him to trade 1 lots initially ( understandable) as well as overcoming the DESK fee of approx £2k a month,splits, commissions and to pay himself a salary on 1 lots, I have advised him strongly against it. Its ok for the guys who started a maybe 5-10 years ago, but these newbies haven't got a hope in hell actively scalping EUREX ( point and click) products on 1 lots , it would be a challenge alone just to cover the desk fee. Feel sorry for the newbies being recruited on this deal/basis.
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    shut up about eurex volumes.
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    Why should I "Shut up"?I do care about the markets you know.I have traded the EUREX since its inception.I am just stating facts and trying to inform newbies about the current state of EUREX ( mainly fixed income) from an intraday perspective.

    Your comment of " shut up about eurex volumes" is of great value and significance.Well done, a great post.
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    Because you make the same point in just about every fucking post!

    Volumes have dried up. True. What more is there to say?

    Well done to you for trading the eurex since inception. You must have some interesting stories to tell!

    You got a link to this 24hr eurex thing you quoted in another thread (where you slate the volumes). AFAIK it's just an extension of the kospi options, and the legacy contracts (schatz, bobl, bund, dax, stoxx) aren't affected.

    links if poss.
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    "The lady doth protest to much, me thinks" getting very agressive are'nt we?
    AFAIK? Who is that? do you mean LMFAO?

    Grow up, this is a serious website.
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  8. That's the most idiotic statement you've made yet.
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    If you have read my other posts there are a variety of topics concerning the EUREX, not just on the topic of volumes.

    Yes, the EUREX fixed income is utter dogdirt now as regards volumes.Hence I position trade and look on a much longer time frame. There was some other muppet suggesting that the whole of the EUREX has been quiet as the market is waiting for the ECB interest rate decision. ( when its 99.99% chance its unchanged).Utter dogdirt talk/ignorance.

    However, its not just the volumes, its also the daily range that has turned to dogdirt.Active scalping is a dead mans game and if the product has a small range ( EUREX BUNDS/BOBLS) then cannot position trade either as their is simply no movement.

    Good ranges and volumes are what a active traders need, something which EUREX fixed income doesnt provide.Alot of the experienced guys who have traded the EUREX for many years have switched either to CBOT or many are now trading the DOW due to the good volumes and wide ranges.
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    Just been informed another 2 guys that used to actively trade EUREX bund are no longer trading the product as of today.Thats another 10k contacts less a day with just those 2 guys leaving alone.

    Apart from obviously guys leaving the product, any idea why the volumes really are that utter dogdirt?
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