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move thread back tothe economic forum

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  1. zdreg


    I created a thread entitled is the US a third world country? the thread was moved from economics to chit chat.

    the poll consisted of the following questions:
    the US is a bankrupt country currently
    the US will be a bankrupt with in 10years
    the US will not be bankrupt within 10 years
    the iraqi dinar is a better invest ment than the $US
    the zimbawae$ is a better than than the $US
    both option 5&6

    certain moderators who probably do not know how to hit the button when it comes to trading
    are quick to move threads that they dislike to chit chat.
    I would like an administrator ie baron to contact me on the peevish behavior of certain
    moderators and to move this thread back where it belongs. if certain responders to my thread acted like idiots is not a reason to move the thread to chit chat.

    considering the economic condition of the
    US a discussion of this subject deserves to be in the economic section and not shunted to the chit chat section.
  2. You cannot prevent profanity or freedom of speech, so at anyone's choosing a thread can get tilted off topic, primed and deemed ready for Chit Chat... see that is how "free markets" social Darwinism works, when there is no vehicle for trust except human judgement.

    Without strong consensual provisions for trust - you are just a single dustbunny blowing around in the wind. You have no clout, and you have no support - and most will not have a backbone to support you.

    In short - you are a doomed loser.

    "Be happy, don't worry." Buy Xanax and support the common good, universally absolute truth from our Supreme Being. :)
    [size=-2]A 101 Feel-Good message from the Ministry of Love, co-sponsored by the Ministry of Truth.[/size]
  3. zdreg


    I suspect you meant to say you are doomed to lose on this issue which is a lot different than being a doomed loser.
  4. zdreg,
    hehe - depends on how you fight your battles to conduct your war...
  5. It wasn't me (as I don't have the economics forum) but I'd have moved it just the same. Seems awfully familiar to your 2003/4 posting of the exact same banana republic topic which was equally worthless.
  6. zdreg


    your personal bias is showing again. the people who voted on the poll have a different opinion. considering the economic condition of the US you should learn how to control your personal dislikes and biases.

    being what you are u ignored the poll which asked perfectly legitimate questions concerning economic conditions in the US. thanks for revealing to everyone what your core is made of.
  7. I ignored the poll because it's irrelevant. Pretty much like you, my friend.
  8. zdreg


    I am not your friend. I am not irrelelevant.
    the question of US bankruptcy is not irrelevant.
  9. Whatever that means.

  10. I believe Ivanovich has been given a hard time about moving certain threads to chit-chat and, so as to confirm my opinion on the issue, I just made a post in the trading section titled "Market Efficiency" with a generic statement. This is not chit-chat and is indeed related to trading. Ivanovich then moves the post to "chit-chat".

    I was wrong, the elitetrader members were not simply giving Ivanovich a hard time, but making a valid point.

    My post was indeed related to trading and Ivanovich should have just let it play out in front of everyone without stepping in. However, Ivanovich just moved it for his own personal reasons and emotionality.

    Im not expecting much from a moderator of some public website, especially ones that are not paid to perform a task and volunteering their time. However, this says worlds about Ivanovich who cannot even manage a simple messageboard let alone an account with a substantial sum. I dont think I would trust Ivanovich with the management of the fuel pumps at the local gas station to be frank if he cannot discern what is and what is not truly related to the forum.
    #10     Oct 5, 2008