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  1. Just moved to san francisco and looking for a good group to start trading with again. Took a little time off and ready to get going. Looking for some good suggestions. Dont want to change groups 3 or 4 times to find the right fit. Any suggestions?
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  3. the key statement i made was "good" niners don't fall into that category.
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  5. Feel free to send me a private message and say hello.

    I am a CAL-Berkeley alum and a native of the San Francisco Bay Area.

    All the Best!

  6. I just left San Francisco. Hope to be back soon :)
  7. I know a group of traders that meet in the South Bay once a month to exchange Idea's. They are a "Tradestation Users group' but in name only, and they have good speakers every month with about 20 - 30 people.

    PM me and I can get you on the email list or give you directions.

  8. All depends what you trade. If equities, the Bright office there was excellent when I was there about three years ago. Dale Pitt is the manager, and a great guy.

    If futures, I know there is a Green Tree office in SF. Not sure if any of them are making money though.

  9. Redwood Trading has an office in SF (they offer futures) and I know their traders are making money....