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  1. Hello,Friends,

    I am a protrader for 7 years in Canada. Now I would like to move to U.S.A and want to find a floor trading position in a prop trading firm. Does anybody can tell if I have to apply for a work permit? or what should I do ? Thanks.
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    First of all, let me say I am not immigration/work visa expert but I have helped a trader buddy of mine from Canada look into options.

    You can always come to the states through a tourist (usually 6 months) or business visa (3 months). For the business visa, I would recommend you have a canadian corp or records that you are a trader by profession. You can then say you are coming to the US to look into firms or trade there temporarily.

    Outside of this, your option will be a work visa. To obtain a work visa, it pretty much needs to be done by the employer and not by the individual. So, you would have to find a firm that is willing to go through the time and expense (usually about 6 months unless they already have some visa's available). The difficult thing will be that the income will have to be w-2 income and you can't be on a work visa as an independent contractor.

    I am sure there are some errors in the above but it is mostly accurate. Hope this helps.