Move to Chicago to become a Trader??

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Flashboy, Nov 10, 2005.

  1. This may sound crazy.. but hopefully I can get some good advice here on this subject.

    I have been thinking about moving to Chicago and getting the proper training to become a professional trader.

    My ideal situation would be relocate there for approximately 4 - 6 months and get the proper training and at that point trade remotely if possible..

    Is this crazy?? I feel getting a mentor or the proper training may help put me on the right track.

    Also, my kids live there so there's more behind this idea than just becoming a full time trader.

    Of course I'd have to have an income in order to support myself and my family.. but it wouldn't need to be very highly paid.
  2. been there done my youth I moved there from Texas to trade futures. had money wife got a job there bought a house in Downers Grove and took the train downtown it was cool except I had no clue how to make money in the markets. It gave me head fakes and finally my nerve just gave out. Realized that being on the floor was sooo not me, (not a type A person) - lots of personas down at the Board were assholes and nasty. Got no help or any kind a mentor (I too was hoping to get someone mentor me - NAIVE me :)

    So I moved there in the winter and my car (a texas car) got frozen solid all plastic and sealed parts broke for the brakes and stuff and I was driving my Toyota without a break at Christmas time to visit some of my ex-wife's friends....
    PM me questions about the town. I kinda dig the Windy City but ultimately I lasted a year plus. I started drinking (damn it is F'ing cold there....) My marriage broke up and I moved back to warm climate (Austin Tex where I came from with my tail between my legs...

    My questions is to you..where would you get this "proper training"????
    A prop firm I presume....right? Tell us more....
  3. umm.. do you plan to do this at one of the exchanges? trading schools?

    4-6 months (100 trading days?) is no time to learn to trade "right"...
  4. I think about moving from Chicago to Austin. Smaller town, warmer weather. I also see Austin and San Antonio are fairly close. If I wanted true country living, I suppose I could live half way between the two, and drive about 40 minutes to the one that suited me on any given day. Care to give your impressions of the Austin area? Thanks.
  5. You are talking about the Texas Hill is very nice....
    Austin has changed a lot since the dot con era (my chicago fiasco was before that) - it is a high tech town to some extent, prices, cost of living has gone WAY up. I live in Sacramento, CA now. I could not imagine living in the snowbelt anymore.
  6. Downer's Grove isn't far from where my kids live.. they are in Clarendon Hills.. I will actually be there visiting next week.

    As far as the training.. I was thinking a prop shop or something similar if such a thing exists.. but not the exchange floor no.. I would want to learn screen trading..

  7. Ripley,

    I have been trading unsuccesfully for about 3 - 4 years now.. so I'm not new to the game is I guess why I'm saying 4 - 6 months..

    My guess for training would either be Prop or a trading school.. haven't heard of any though..
  8. respectfully, your tale sounds like the lyrics to a country song

  9. volente_00


    How old are you ?
    How much money do you have saved to live on ?
    Floors traders are becoming extinct, and many can't make it electronically.

    What are you hoping to gain ?

    PM futurestrader71 on here, I think he has futures prop shop in chicago.
  10. I'm 36..

    Not enough money to live on without making some type of a living..

    I've met with FT71 last time I was in Chicago.. nice guy..
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