Move Over Jimmy Carter......

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  1. Bush is by far the worse recent President,nobody else comes close.
  2. In your opinion. I know some things he did that were par for thecourse, especially in the financial arena. I spoke to a friend of his and asked what went wrong. He said, "he surrounded himself with the wrong people."

    Bad, but nowhere near this meatball. and then there's Carter. Ever see the pictures when the Presidents get together? Look over at the kiddie table. There's Carter. Barry will be there too.
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    Bush was a fine President. We should alter the constitution so he could be brought back to clean up the mess created by this stupid schvartza.
  4. In your highly uneducated opinion.
  5. Bush put Cox in the SEC and told him not to do anything about naked shorting. In my world, that's heresy.

    But I still can't hate him. He was likeable, and not stupid. At least I know he was an American. But this is no question most of this happened on his watch. Clinton, too. Can't tell you why, but Clinton too.

    Basically, they were all in on lining their pockets, and those of their friends. The unwinding of all this, and the airing of the dirty laundry, will surprise many. It's all about money. People who can't earn it to their desired level get the power and steal it.

    Book em, Danno.
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    Obama can retire and write an endless stream of books about what a great president he was same as Jimmy Carter. Carter has about 25 books out since being kicked upstairs... I don't know anybody that has read one but whatever..
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    Hardly, but your boy BO is certainly making a run for worst ever.

    What kind of desperate, lonely, no life, loser would buy let alone read such a book?

  8. Approval ratings

    RCP 46
    Gallup 47
    Rasmussen 47
    FOX News 41
    ABC News/Wash Post 50
    CBS News/NY Times 45
    McClatchy/Marist 48

    Bush Approval at Lowest Yet 25%; American Satisfaction at 9% Low

    October 7, 2008

    PRINCETON, NJ — President Bush’s job approval rating is at 25% in the latest Oct. 3-5 Gallup Poll, the lowest of the Bush administration, and only three percentage points above the lowest presidential approval rating in Gallup Poll history.

    Bush’s previous low point was 27%, measured about a week ago. The 25% approval rating is one point higher than Richard Nixon’s lowest job approval rating of 24% measured in the summer of 1974, and it is just three points higher than Harry Truman’s all-time Gallup low job approval rating of 22% measured in 1952. No other presidents have had job approval ratings of 27% or lower in Gallup Poll history.
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    Tsing Tao

    be patient, obimbo has some time left in his first (and only) term.

    after this tuesday, his career is finished.
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