Moussasaoui should DIE

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    listen to the call towards the bottom of the page.

    He should die.. and it shouldn't be by some lethal injection. Give him and all his buddies the same shit they put us through. Burn his ass, and let him rot in hell.

  2. I'm all for letting it rot in hell, but only after a long period (20+ yrs) of it in a cell with no access to other prisoners, but having access to watching the demise of al queda, and being well fed a diet exclusively of pork and pork by-products.
  3. Why should anyone give him and his fellow Jihadists what they want?

    You do know what martyrdom means, right?
  4. The Moussaoui case is legally absurd. It is state sponsored revenge killing, not justice.

    The prosecution's case is that Moussaoui should be executed for failing to incriminate himself. Is anyone in the courtroom aware of the 5th amendment?

  5. Yeah... my emotions run very high hearing that though... I shouldn'tve listened to those recordings - i knew a few folks in the building, and it chills me to hear what they went through.

    The best justice now is to watch AQ crumble and wither away into nothingness...
  6. Doesn't matter if they get what they want, if it is to die. I'm all for helping them accomplish that.

    Martyr, shmarter. They've got more martyrs than Zzzzz has crabs. One more isn't going to make any difference.

    When it comes to Al Qaeda, eradicate.

    Not tolerate.
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    You really can't win against a suicide bomber. Sorry. He's made of tougher stuff than you, but feel free to blather all you want. Kill him, don't, etc.
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    Tough or no tough; killing him is the best option least as far as taxes are concerend...:D
  9. Kill him or blow him up w/ explosives. I don't want him in jail, I would like to see my tax dollars go to other causes.
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    Now don't forget, your tax dollars go to prison staff, who then spend that money in the economy, feeding their families, etc., and helping to keep the whole world spinning.

    I know, I know, you probably think prison staffing is not worthy employment, but let's face it, many more today are no better employed.
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