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  1. Mouse problem
    Middle click and either zero tabs open or multiple tabs open (record is 4 I think but usually it's about 3). Had this happen on several machines I own over the past few years. I own around 30 machines.
    Research online and it says bad driver. That's horseshit. Drivers don't go bad. Driver problems are from people who let their system update things which gives them a driver that does not work like the old one, and that's not me.
    Now same mouse have to push hard to get a right click to work.

    Sound like a bad mouse? That's what I'm thinking.

    Anyone ever had the middle click problem and cured it by changing the driver?
  2. Do you have only 1 mouse of that kind? Seems easy enough - change out the mouse and see if the problem follows the mouse or the computer. Follows the mouse - mechanical issue. Follows the computer - maybe driver software issue.

    Mice are cheap these days... (I don't use mice but have no less than 10 trackballs...)
  3. Its probability the mouse, especially if you had it for a few years. I recently had the same problem with my mouse. The left button was flaky. Sometimes it would register and sometimes it would not. Changed the mouse and now every works great.
  4. simsim67


    Is it a wireless mouse ? Check the batteries.
    Is it a wired mouse ? Try connecting it to another USB or PS/2 port in the same computer or in another computer.
    None of these solve the problems ? Replace the mouse (or try to disassemble and fix it).
  5. Mouse problems?

    Get a cat.

    Sorry, couldn't resist. lol
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  6. Terminix may work better. :)
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