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  1. I'm using a basic plugin Logitech laser mouse and was having a lot of trouble with
    it, cursor sticking in one spot on the screen for seconds at a time, jumping and
    moving the page down, hanging when trying to X close a window, etc

    whether or not any pariticular mouse problems you may be experiencing are related
    to your mouse pad, once I'd changed the many year old fabric covered mouse pad
    I'd been using to a 'plastic' mouse pad, the mouse problems stopped
    I did reverse the up side of the pad and use the mouse on the bottom rougher side
    of the pad as I found the up side too slick resulting in the cursor skating
  2. Yep,

    Replace mouse pad every 3-6 months @Walmart.

    $3.00 per pad.


    I also use a logitech wireless laser mouse. The batteries lasted over a year; as this mouse shuts down when not being used.


  3. ok, I soon discovered that changing the mouse pad did not stop the mouse problems

    yesterday, prior to purchasing a new mouse, I unplugged the problem one and plugged in
    an old ball mouse I have, clunky to say the least
    anyway, went to the Control Panel and clicked on the Mouse icon wanting to see
    if the driver had changed, hadn't, then looking thru the tabs menus discovered that
    'Hide pointer while typing' was checked - I unchecked it, but don't know how it got
    checked in the first place - Pointer Options

    clunky ball mouse seemed to work ok, unplug it and plugin problem mouse and -
    no more problems

    I haven't gone so far as to check the 'Hide pointer while typing' again to prove it was that
    that was causing the problem rather than a different mouse 're-setting' the computer
    but after a shutdown last night and reboot this morning the mouse is still working fine
  4. pupu


    3$ for a basic MS optical mouse from MWAVE 1 year ago
    Still happy today
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