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  1. I have a laptop with Windows OS (Home XP)

    Yesterday i tried to view photos on my TV screen. Never used the video out before. I did NOT get it to work. Somehow, I did manage to get the wallpaper to show on my TV (but not my whole home icons....just a single photo).

    The attempt to get the photos (using MS Office 2003 Picture Manager) on the TV was a complete failure. No idea why. BTW, I really do like the Office Picture Manager....good program.

    Now, I cannot figure out how to get the mouse pointer from going off the right edge of my laptop's screen. It is as if I have a second monitor to the right. So the pointer seems to be going nowhere. (When I was hooked up to the TV, I did not see the pointer going onto the TV screen).

    I had messed around with the display (settings tab) when I was trying to get the pics on the TV. No matter what I try with that now, I can't get the pointer to stop going into the "nowhere zone" to the right side of my monitor (laptop's built in monitor).

    I called Toshiba tech support. My laptop is just over a year old, so it's out of warrantee (phone support). They wanted $35 per incident to talk to me.

    Any ideas?


  2. When you enabled the TV out, it may have essentially created a dual monitor desktop - which would explain why you didn't see your normal desktop setup on the TV screen (just the background) and why your mouse pointer seems to drift off the right edge of your laptop screen (it might be moving onto the part of the extended desktop that's on the TV out).

    To prove/disprove - either reconnect to your TV and see if you can see the mouse point on the TV as you move if off the right edge of the laptop screen or be sure you have disabled the TV out on your laptop

    If you don't have the user/technical guides for your laptop anymore - the Toshiba website should have them available in PDF and you can check out what happens when you activate the TV out.
  3. I am sure you are correct. My problem is now un-doing this so I get my mouse pointer to stop at the right edge.

    (BTW, Toshiba never did have a paper user guide. All docs are on the support web pages and the PDF files installed on the HD). I can't find anything related to the issue anywhere (so far...but thanks for the help, I will keep looking....thought it was more a Windows issue....also no printed docs).