Mouse or hotKey prefered in trading

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  1. Dear ET,s
    Can you please tell me if you prefer to use a mouse or a keyboard ( hot keys ) while trading putting orders etc
    and also tell me what are the advantages and the disadvantages
    thank you

    P.S i am currently thinking of trading in few weeks at a prop
    and i like the mouse set up cause i have never used hot keys make be that is why i am a little nervous ( errors on keys )
    Feedback is greatly appreciated
  2. Definitely hotkeys.
  3. For equities, hotkeys are much easier because there are many different paths to execute a trade. For futures, a mouse will do a good job although you can use buy and sell hotkeys there too.
  4. Both, buy and sell with the mouse, offers and bids with the hotkeys.
  5. On Bloomberg, Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Select, Go is the secret combination that tells the close of the S&P for that trading session. Its the only one I use.

  6. I think hot keys are by far better with few mistakes and faster to execute orders. Also u can separate your bids keys on left and offer keys on right so natural to be able to bid or offer without making a mistake. Being free not to have to look at where u are positioning the mouse and able to concentrate on chart or market depth is an added plus.
  7. It depends what you do. What are you going to do? And why is it an either/or choice?

    I trade futures on a ninjatrader dom and the mouse is fantastic. But for other types of plays hotkeys might be preferable.
  8. Lucrum


    Both but most times hot keys.
  9. bighog

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    use X-Trader for E-minis, mouse one click trading is better than puppy love,... well almost...:)
  10. well i will be trading equities %100
    I have not started trading yet
    But looking out for different option like which software is good and planning my trade to see how well i am doing on paper before i start trading
    and it seem that with a mouse a click here and click there
    Instead of typing buy X amount of shares at X
    I may be wrong as u see %95 of the pll prefer Hot keys that is why i am researching - > ?
    feedback are greatly appreciated
    any good decent advice is also appreciated :)
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