Mousavi wins Iran election with 65 percent of vote

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    Just reported:

    Reformist challenger Mir Hossein Mousavi won Iran's presidential election on Friday with 65 percent of the vote, a close aide to the former premier claimed.

    "According to the information received from provinces and from Tehran, Mousavi has got 65 percent of the votes cast," Ali Akbar Mohatshemi-Pour told AFP.

    Mohatshemi-Pour spoke to AFP as the candidate was preparing to hold a news conference.

    Mousavi has been running a neck-and-neck race with incumbent Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who is seeking a second four-year term.
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    I'd wait for the official story on that...
  3. Agreed...

    Towards the close the market fell several handles when printed a breaking story headlining: Iran state media claims Ahmadinejad wins. It quickly recovered within the last 15 minutes. Now's cover story has Mousavi claiming victory.

    It's obviously uncertain. I would assume Mousavi won too, but who knows... Middle Eastern politics is also as corrupt as American politics.:p
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  5. Wait for US official story, Iranian version is faked. :D
  6. Ahmadinajd would win a landslide. The bullshit you see on the news against him are probably zionists who hate him trying to create doubts prior to his likely victory to lower its impact.

    The man is a world star. Would not be surprised if a 2/3s of votes victory.
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    If true this should put some downward pressure on oil.
  8. iran is going to pursue the development of nuclear weapons no matter which crap wins, only ahmadi is a better excuse to shove shit up iran's ass, no wonder zionists love ahmadi and pretend hate him, I too am happy that ahmadi has won, let him f_ck those iranians

    and O was saying something about engaging iran in direct face to face talks? what a clown
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