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    Anyone belong to the SCCA? Have any interest in cars? Just wondering...
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    Bob belonged to the RCCA. We used to race Formula Ford Cars.
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    I love cars, racing, etc, but lost all interest after Zanardi's accident. Also saw Greg Moore and Jeff Krosnoff lose their lives live on tv. Zanardi was the last straw.
  4. i've crashed by trying to speed.... does that count?

    Actually I considered in getting into some sort of club. At home we got a racetrack that's open to the public. I'm not exactly sure what is needed to race. I heard it was just a helmet, but I'm sure there's a bit more to it than that.

    What do you drive? I have a mitsubishi 3000GT... it sucks cos it's so heavy. It isn't designed for the track. I'm considering on getting a vette a year from now :D Performance of a porsche... but half the price. Porsche would be so much nicer though... *sigh*

  5. oh is that what happened to zanardi? I remember when he went to formula 1... and I never heard how he did. He dominated CART though.
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    I drive an Integra GS-R, planning on getting a Type-R sometime in the next year or two. Whats required to race depends on what kind of race you want to be in. The porsche is a good car, but the Z06 would be a far better car for the street and track. If you want a car that is good for the street, cheap, handles well, i would go with the Integra Type-R. It is an awesome car as far as handling goes, while not having too much power that makes it uncontrollable. The next best car up from that would be the Nissan 350Z. Awesome car once again (in the track version). And if you got the money, the Z06 would be the best choice. M3's are great, but the corvettes will be better performers. Porsches are great, but dont get all hung up in the name.
  7. Do you enjoy motorsports?

    no, just to get to and fro

    that's makes a lot of sense.. :confused:

    personally, i absolutely can't stand motor'sport'..

    furthermore, i'm not a very big fan of cars and i totally detest losers that have some pathological need to drive them as fast as they can... if i had my way, speeding infractions would incur the death penalty...
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    now sportBIKEs i can dig... forget all these cagers
  9. I drive a Subaru Impreza WRX. They have legendary status down here in Australia, I think they have been introduced in the USA in the last few years.

    It is a 4WD turbo, Porsche-like performance at a fraction of the price. Maybe you should consider one of these over the Type-R, as they go harder and handle better.
  10. The WRX and the Audi's rule the all wheel drive seen here in the states. I used to race scca with my jetta GLI 16v while in college. It was a blast. Now I drive a bmw 328i and Porsche 944 cabrio. Nice cars but I don't make it to the track much any more.

    I feel the speed limits are too slow here in the states but since we give a license to anyone in this country it is likely they are prudent. I wish our system was more like part of Europe where it is actually difficult to get a license.
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