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  1. Ates


    Hi guys,

    I'm planning to buy one of them. I am wondering if Motivewave's orderflow analysis as good as Bookmap?

    I'm using MAC and my brokerage is Tradovate. I also have Ninjatrader 8 but i don't want to run my Parallels to be able to use it.

    Any feedbacks appreciated!

  2. ZBZB


    Bookmap appears to be windows only. The crypto version is free. Take a look at investor rt from it has a Mac version and is very strong at volume analysis as market delta was based on top of this platform before they sold to cqg.

    edit Not sure if it is getting data from tradovate but certainly sending orders to them.
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  3. Ates


    They have beta MAC version. I'm using it already for cryptos. I like it but i am wondering if Motivewave works the same.

    Thank you for the link. I'm going to check it now. :thumbsup:
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    Hello Ates, MotiveWave has a study called DOM History that can be used to plot order book depth like Bookmap. You can also add the Big Trades study that will display trade dots showing you the size of the trade and it will color the dot if the aggressor was a buyer or seller. You could display this on a 1-30 second chart for best results.
    You can take a look at our Volume and Order Flow Guide for more information on our Order Flow Tools:

    MotiveWave has a native Mac version, so you don't need parallels.

    Tradovate is a supported broker for futures in MotiveWave. We also have Coinigy and CryptoCompare as data sources, if you're looking at cryptos.
  5. Ates


    I have TD Ameritrade account and connected it. I have also added DOM History. Doesn't it work with TDA accounts? Or even with stocks?
  6. MotiveWave

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    The DOM History study only works on APIs that provide market depth. The current TD Ameritrade API we have access to does not support market depth, so the DOM History study will not work with the TD Ameritrade connection. It should work through the Tradovate connection, or any connection going through CQG, as they have market depth. It will also work with any connection going through Rithmic or Gain Capital.
  7. Ates


    I don't see Gain capital in connections list. and Cityindex are connected to Gain capital as well. But anyways i will try to find
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    Sorry, I meant GAIN (which is GAIN Futures) and they support Forex, Futures, and Options. It's listed on our Brokers page:
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    Ah! If you're on Mac, you won't see GAIN Futures, as they only support Windows.
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