MotiveWave Version 6.1 Released (Dec. 20th)

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    MotiveWave Version 6.1 is Here!
    We're excited to announce we've released MotiveWave Version 6.1 (release date Dec. 20th, 2019)!

    If you haven't seen what we've been doing on this version, you can see what we've added for Version 6.1 in our What's New in Version 6.1 Guide PDF

    Two big features that you've been asking for in MotiveWave have been added:
    • Floating Stations -- Completely customize your layout using 'floating stations' that can have fixed locations and sizes and can overlap other stations within the docking framework.
    • Untitled Analyses -- Untitled analyses are scoped to a chart (i.e. the contents of the chart are not shared between other charts of the same instrument). This is the behavior that you would typically see in other charting software.

    If you happen to currently be on an active free trial or lease of MotiveWave, or you have a lifetime license with active support and updates , you have access and can download Version 6.1 from our Download page.

    If you haven't taken our 14-Day Free Trial yet (no credit card required), come take a look at what everyone is talking about: