MotiveWave Version 6.0 Officially Released (Oct. 7th)

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    MotiveWave Version 6.0 is Officially Here!
    We're excited to announce we've officially released MotiveWave Version 6.0 (release date Oct. 7th, 2019)!

    A ton of work and functionality has been put into Version 6.0. If you haven't seen what we've been doing on this version, just take a look at our What's New in Version 6.0 Guide PDF

    As you can see, it's packed with an amazing amount of new functionality and enhancements that brings MotiveWave to a whole new level.

    If you happen to currently be on an active free trial of MotiveWave, you have access and can download the official Version 6.0 from our Download page.

    If you had a previous trial with us on our version 5.4.25 (or older), you can email to ask for a trial of Version 6.0.

    If you haven't taken our 14-Day Free Trial yet (no credit card required), come take a look at what everyone is talking about:
  2. I am currently doing a demo of the software. The broker/data feeds worked seamlessly with my 2 brokers. Still evaluating everything but pleasantly surprised with some of the features.
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