MotiveWave + TradingView with AMP Futures

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Ates, May 4, 2020.

  1. Ates


    Hi traders,

    I need help and hope someone knows the answer. I have created and funded AMP futures. I can trade with TradingView but when i login to MotiveWave, TradingView disconnects me. Also when I try to place order with MotiveWave, my orders are not executed. I have been trying to reach AMP support. They are not responsive enough. MotiveWave responded one of my email and still waiting for them to reply my second one.

    Do i have to do something else? Can someone please help?

    Thank you
  2. AMP_Global

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    CME has restricted multiple logins. If you need concurrent logins, login 2 platforms at the same will require updated settings to 2 concurrent logins (but this will trigger 2 CME fees).
  3. Ates


    Ok i got it but can i do this:
    CQG with Level 1 data for TradingView and Rithmic for marketdepth for Motivewave? Also my orders are not executed with MotiveWave