MotiveWave Trading Platform: Version 6 Beta 2 Now Available

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    We're still pumping out more features for Version 6!

    MotiveWave Version 6 Beta 2 introduces some more great new features and enhancements:
    • Market By Order--Displays individual order sizes in the DOM Bid/Ask Columns; this is also available for use in the SDK
    • Big Trades Study--Ability to filter out smaller sizes and just see the large orders/Big Players
    • More Depth Levels in DOM beyond the standard 10 (you can see the full order book)
    • DOM Position in Queue (you can see where your order is in the queue)
    • Significant Rithmic enhancements
    • Additional enhancements to the TPO Study and Volume Imprint Study
    • OHLC Study
    • Custom Elliott Wave Ratios
    • ... and more!
    See the MotiveWave What's New in Version 6 Beta 2 Guide for full details.

    Download here:
  2. Abilify


    there are about 105 or so trading platforms; what the specific advantages of Motive Wave?
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    Do you have 5 hours? ;) You haven't specified what kind of trader you are or what features you're looking for. We have pretty much everything in a stable platform with beautiful charts.
    We always recommend you try out each platform you're interested in to see which one fits your needs the best. We have a 14 day risk free trial, if you're interested.
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    that is a useless response to side-step a critical question: I asked were the advantages of your system, not what kind of trader am I. There are over 100 platforms out there - whey should I try out yours if you can't even be honest and answer a question with specific details.
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    My response and question is very valid and not side-stepping at all. There is so much functionality in our software that it would take me hours to cover all of the advantages. I could go on and on about our very advanced DOM, but if you don't use a DOM in your trading, you wouldn't care. That is why I asked what type of trader you are (or what features would be most important to you), so that I could streamline my answer to you specifically and not waste your time.
    I mentioned in my last response that our platform is very stable--that is a major advantage compared to many platforms. I mentioned that we have beautiful charts--that is a major advantage compared to many platforms. Maybe you don't care about those advantages. Those are only two. If you would like to provide more information as to what is important to you, I can tell you if we have it and how we do it.

    You can also take a look at our Resource page on Elite Trader for general highlights and advantages of our platform (as well as our website,