MotiveWave Price Freeze Event until Oct. 22nd, 2019

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    Price Freeze Event at MotiveWave
    Yes, MotiveWave has raised prices (for the first time ever in our history of 9+ years). It was time and very overdue, but we know it's not a popular decision (no one likes price hikes).

    So, we are giving everyone the opportunity to get MotiveWave at the old prices until Oct. 22nd at 11:59pm Eastern time.

    What does this mean?

    • If you don't already lease or own MotiveWave, this is the best time to buy.
    • If you already own a MotiveWave lifetime license, you can stock up on additional Updates and Support at the old prices. You can buy as many years as you want and the time will keep getting added on to your existing support life.
    • You can lock in an auto-renewing lease at the old prices. That means the price freeze price is locked in for as long as your lease successfully auto-renews (does not fail).
    • You can upgrade from a lease to the lifetime license or from a lower edition to higher edition and only pay the difference (at the price freeze prices). Please contact Sales if you want to upgrade and they'll create it for you.

    For more information on our Products and pricing, please see our Products page. ​

    Remember, to get MotiveWave at the old prices, you need to purchase by Oct. 22nd at 11:59pm Eastern time, because as of Oct. 23rd, the old prices are gone for good.