MotiveWave Now Offers Binance As a Connection for Cryptocurrencies

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    As of version 6.2.1, released July 22nd, MotiveWave now offers a connection to Binance for Cryptocurrencies.

    This has been a very popular feature request over the last few months and we're happy to officially tell you that it's available!

    12 of the most popular crypto symbols are pre-loaded in the Binance Watchlist by default when you connect to Binance, but you can edit that list, and search and add the other Binance symbols.​

    Trading cryptos is also available through Binance for Spot only.

    The Binance connection is supported on Windows, macOS, and Linux.​

  2. I'm trying to trade Futures with Binance on MotiveWave but can't seem to find a way
    I need some help
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    Please contact our Support Team ( for technical assistance.