MotiveWave Announces New Free Community Edition Charting Software

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    Exciting News!!

    As of our version 6.2 (released Today, July 6th), we're introducing our new FREE Community Edition, available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

    The MotiveWave Community Edition charting software has high quality charting, Replay Mode & built-in trade simulation -- And it's FREE!

    That's right! There is no cost for the Community Edition charting software.

    Things to Know:

    • If you want to place live trades, you'll still need to purchase one of our other editions.
    • You still need to connect to any of our 30+ supported brokers or data service providers for data.
    • Support for the Community Edition is provided by our User Community only.


    If you had a Free Trial with us in the past and never purchased any of our products:

    You now automatically have access to the Community Edition! If you need your license key resent to you, please email our Support Team and they will send your license key to you.

    You will need to download the latest version of MotiveWave from our Download page.

    If you're currently on a Free Trial:

    Once your free trial ends, if you do not purchase any of our products, you will be automatically switched over to the FREE Community Edition.

    For more information on our Community Edition, please visit our Community Edition page.

    To see the Full List of Features in our Community Edition, please visit our Products page.


    Support for the Community Edition is provided by our User Community. The MotiveWave User Forum is your place to ask questions about, and get help with, the Community Edition from other MotiveWave Users.

    There's a special Community Edition section (that we've just created) where you can post your questions and get answers from the MotiveWave Community.

    (If you haven't already signed up for our Forum, now's a great time!)

    We're definitely excited about being able to offer you a free charting software option and we hope you're excited about it too!

    Welcome to the MotiveWave Community!
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    can't seem to display futures contract with live feed
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  4. Didn’t try the software yet but I think it can be a helpful and feasible one for the traders. Numerous trading software has been confusing the traders a lot. Hopefully, I would be going up for the free trial of the software soon and expect it to be good to continue on.