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  1. I intend to trade futures with Motivewave and IB but i am not quite sure if IB´s market data would be sufficent for this, especially when using volume profile.
    I guess when scalping the 1m chart it would be sufficent but IB doesn´t offer tick data which are necessary for volume profiles.
    Would IQ feed be the only choice to overcome this problem (it´s pretty expensive)?
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    Dxfeed with amibroker is very cheap for CME as is sierrachart with their own CME feed.
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    IQFeed is a good option. Barchart would be another option. If you wanted to switch brokers or add an additional broker, then any broker who connects via CQG or Rithmic is a good option for futures tick data. Rithmic is currently the only one who has the MBO feature (if you're looking for that).
  4. Thanks for your reply. Would it be possible to use MW´s orderflow edition with IB as broker and IQ as data service simultaneously? In configure/workspaces/modify/advanced i found such settings. Or would this only be possible with the pro edition?
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    Yes it's possible to add a data feed like IQFeed to supplement the IB data within the IB Workspace connection in the Order Flow Edition. You'd set it up exactly where you've mentioned.
  6. I noticed recently that dxfeed can be used with amibroker but did not found anything about that on amibrokers´s homepage. Don´t know which settings have to be made to make this work.
    Amibroker makes such a strange difference between EOD an Realtime data. What i understand is that you have to use different databases.
  7. This is great. Thanks
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    Hello antares66,

    dxFeed has programmed the data feed plugin for AmiBroker in-house. It was approved by AmiBroker, but it is being distributed by our side, that why it is not listed on AmiBroker's website. We have a post about it on AB's forum though.

    To access our data feed you need to purchase a data subscription for AmiBroker here. On the last step of the purchase process, you'll get the dxFeed AmiBroker data feed plugin download link and the connection guide.

    Contact us directly if you want to know more details, PM me, or post in the corresponding thread:dxFeed Market Data is available via AmiBroker trading platform now.
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  9. Would be great if dxfeed could be used with motivewave in the future
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    The dxFeed is currently in development. Hoping to have it available early in the new year.
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