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  1. Ilya


    hello everyone!
    needs some help: 1) what motivates trader to trade?
    1) unlimited money
    2) independence decision
    3) getting intimate knowlede about myself
    4) changeableness - i mean today you'r trading these stocks tommorow you'l be trading another ones.

    2) how comapines motivates traders:
    a) salary
    b) bonuses
    c) awards
    what else they are using?

    And what are the common condition of salary: for example 50% payout? or salary depending on your efficiency (cents per share) or depending on volume and efficince?

    3) does companies test traders about what they want to receive?

    I don't live in US, there few proprietary trading companies in my country. Any help, opinions or links about this would be greatli appreciated. It's very hard to find info on this subject.
  2. 1. Money (potential)

    2. Freedom (of expression and over one's time)