Motherload of QQQ puts

Discussion in 'Options' started by optionsplayer, Mar 28, 2003.

  1. Did anyone see this absolutely insane volume on the QQQ May 22 strike puts.....200,000+ contracts so far.

    It all happened at lunch time between noon & 12:40........

    These appear to be long positions on + ticks......Someone put up $5,000,000.00 to take this short position.

    I can post the T&S at some point. Blocks of 9999 contracts & 9000 contracts.....all filled @ .25

    The Nasdaq is starting to fade now, and the bid ask has already gone up by a nickel to .25/.30.....what perfect timing......

    ****** I may have posted a bit soon....check out the volume on the April 22 QQQ puts.....250,000+ with basicaly no current open interest...either someone is spreading or extremely bearish.
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    not sound like D!ck... but whats your point??? $5m is not a lot of money...
  4. you have no way of determining if this was all one person or if it was net long or short.
  5. Good point...I think it was the initial shock of seeing that kind of contract volume in less than 30 minutes......
  6. I did not mean to connotate that it was a single person. Net long or short indeed is something that sherlock holmes could not determine here.....However, You can deduct this.....whether this move is a hedge, or a straight out short play, or spread, the thinking is that there is a probability or likelihood that the Nasdaq will pull back here soon.
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    it probably was one person.. but obviously someone who doesn't know how to soothe a position in. No 5 mil is not that big. But it is interesting.
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    Anybody got a price on the Aprils?
  9. Trajan...

    check out the volume on the QAV PUs

    253K (OI 31K)


    Last .10

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    It would be an interesting and dreadful coincidence if there was a terrorist attack over the weekend. Could this be someone's financing plan? War in the 21st century.
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