MotherF*******, Piece Of S***, Kill all spammers...slowly..painfully

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  1. My oldest is working on a paper on Macbeth and is researching via the shitinternet, and does a search for a particular topic when he gets a popup. He was just clicking at the same spot the popup came to and clicked it. Now it has Internet Security 2010 downloaded and popping up a new warning every 2 seconds. Of course you need to go buy a license to get rid of all the viruses on your computer. It won't let itself be deleted, I can't get into msconfig, or the registry, it blocks booting into safe mode. I found a site with a way to remove it, but It also won't let me download MalwareBytes Antimalware program, so I have to put it on a jump drive and hope I can get it to recognize the drive.
    Note, I deleted what I will do to spammers and virus producers, but suffice it to say, it would only be exceeded by what should be done to child molesters and terrorists by a little bit, not much, just a little bit.
    Boy, maybe shouldn't trade today, and take it easy. A wee bit fired up.
  2. I logged into my old newspaper today and picked up spyware eraser out of nowhere. Luckly I erased it.
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    Sounds like a great time to bring back public executions.
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    don't touch a popup kill it via task manager. if it came back download if virus stop it from running change the name of .exe file then double clicks on it to run it again. malbyte seems like an overkill solution I eventually had to replace the hard drive after I run malbyte.
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    Antispyware and all the blacklisting stuff is the biggest bullshit industry. They don't protect you from everything, stuff gets right past that krap all the time.

    Crowbar some money out of your wallet and get your operating system disc and learn to wipe and reinstall... do it periodically...
  6. use Firefox
    install Ad Block Plus
    install No Script.

    this will protect you from crap like that 99.99% of the time.

    shit, I'm all over the net daily for the last 15 years and maybe they got me once, weakly.
  7. Its esp a bullshit industry when you get to the point where
    they expect you to pay somebody by the hour to walk you thru
    the fix. Tell your kid to quit surfing porn.
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    Good advice. The Scripts are where they get you a lot of the time. Avira is a good free anti-virus program that my computer guy installed for me on my daughter's computer over a year ago and she hasn't had any problems and she would probably click on anything.