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    Which is better for AMD(Athlon) 1.0 GHZ?
    MSI 6340M-010 micro ATX AIO MB
    OR Gigabyte GA-7Zm,AMD socket A VIA chipset,1.5 GB,UDMA/66,sound,4 USB,micro ATX?
  2. why does it matter?, and how do those 2 choices differ?

    also, why not consider the dual-Athlon or the 2Ghz P-IV?

    from what I've heard, having a fast machine processes the responses from the Internet conection and forces the software (direct access software, charting software, email, web browser, etc) to respond far faster than on slower machines.

    however, how are the other links in the chain?
    internet conn speed? 56kb, 28kb, 112kb, faster??
    direct access broker connection path?
    data-feed connection path?
    other site related connection issues?

    what do you plan to use this platform for?
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    I would go with the MSI because they are generally considered to be of higher quality than the gigabyte products.
  4. VIA chipsets have had lots of reported problems lately. They don't seem to perform well under stress. I'd stay away from them.
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    You can also try They do tech reviews on all the motherboards. But the two motherboards u mentioned are new and might not be listed yet.

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    I appreciate the advice.MSI is a mother!
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    I would recomment going with a motherboard that supports DDR memory as well as UltraATA/100. Currently AMD760 is the best chipset to use if you want a DDR based motherboard. Of all the DDR motherboards MSI MS-6341 is IMO the best choice. I just built a system based on that motherboard with a 1.4 Gig Athlon processor and it works beautifully.

    There are also new MBs coming out with the KT266A chipset by VIA. THe new chipset supports DDR and is supposed to be faster that the AMD counterpart.

    In any case, has a very nice and detailed review of all the possible boards.

    Hope this helps,
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  10. has lots of great research on different combinations.
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