Motherboard or CPU failure??

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by slowBear, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. slowBear


    I have a problem with my MSI K9A2 Platinum motherboard/cpu. I believe that I got the cpu hot the other day. At this point when I turn the box on in the morning it will boot and come up. Then it freezes and I hit the reset. It won't boot after the reset. It does nothing.

    However ... If I turn the box off, lift the heat sink lever, move the heat sink ever so slightly, and press the heat sink lever back down: the system will now boot and run all day long.

    I'm of the opinion that there is something wrong on the motherboard. If the cpu was damaged, the box wouldn't run all day without a problem.


    Opinions please!!

    Thanks in advance
  2. pspr


    Try reseating the CPU. If that doesn't work, I think the only way to discover which is the problem is to try the CPU on another motherboard and see if you can reproduce the problem.

    Also (a long shot), maybe a bios update would solve the problem.
  3. The problem is probably your motherboard. Cause if it's a CPU failure, your computer will automatically shut off , not just restart.
  4. GTS


    Find some freeware software that will monitor your motherboard/cpu temperature constantly (runs in system tray) and leaving it running all the time.

    See if its overheating.
  5. slowBear


    After the last time that I reseated the heat sink, the system has run without any problems. So the root cause of the problem remains a mystery.

    Thanks to everyone who offered help.
  6. Did you put some arctic silver on the cpu before reseating the heat sink? If not take it off again and clean the cpu and heat sink and reinstall it with some arctic silver on it.